Urban farming is emerging globally as a powerful vehicle of transformation for ecology, community and economy. It opens opportunities to create healthy organic food with a low carbon footprint, business and employment, use of recycled organics from cities, enhance community well being and, via organic methods, greatly improve the ecological footprint of food production.

Our consulting services for commercial scale urban farming includes: feasibility and strategy, social enterprise planning, design of commercial models of urban agriculture, urban farm design and implementation support, community engagement, education, advocacy and development of guidelines for working with urban agriculture.

Our consulting clients are: urban farmers, property developers seeking to integrate sustainable food growing into their developments, communities seeking support for creating local food systems, local government establishing platforms for urban farming in their Council region and State governments creating guidelines for commercial scale urban farming.

We have a small and multi-disciplined team and collaborate with industry experts on a project basis to deliver our urban agriculture consulting projects.

View our urban agriculture consulting case studies and picture gallery of projects. Contact us to discuss how our urban agriculture consulting services can transform your food growing spaces, communities and local economies.