Biodynamic Advisory
Biodynamic Advisory
Biodynamic Advisory

Eco-Friendly Biodynamic Gardening in Brisbane, Australia

Biodynamic advisory services to enable your food growing and pasture/forest areas to have a vibrant soil life, creating healthy plants, animals and human beings. Biodynamic agriculture and gardening methods commenced in 1924 with the Agriculture lectures by Rudolf Steiner and have spread globally as a well recognised stream of organic food growing, land management and regenerative agriculture.

Biodynamic methods are highly efficient at transforming soil life and our biodynamic advisory services, although predominantly focused on food growing, are equally applicable to grassy spaces and native tree/bush areas. Our biodynamic advisory services cover:

Consulting – Generally provided on an hourly rate basis basis and available face-to-face in the Brisbane area and via video online Australia wide. Service includes land, soil and plant assessment with advice on staged application of biodynamic preparations for pasture and plant improvement and management. We mostly orient this service to urban and peri-urban environments where growers are establishing or seeking to improve existing organic growing methods. Our clients are: urban farmers, off-grid and self sufficiency gardeners, hobby farmers, backyard and commercial scale urban farmers. We always integrate biodynamic advice into our Coaching packages.

Education – We run introductory workshops on using biodynamic methods into agriculture. These workshops are mostly run in Brisbane and occasionally in other Australian capital cities. Our biodynamic workshop program for this year can be seen here.

We have worked with biodynamic methods to enhance organic processes in our own food growing spaces and pasture since 1996. Our business founder Peter Kearney has been a director of the peak body for biodynamics in Australia (Biodynamic Agriculture Australia) since 2018. Peter is also a member of an international biodynamic advisor group which is connected to the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum.

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