When I first saw Peter’s incredible biodynamic garden, it ignited a passion in me that took me back to my childhood. I was always in love with gardening and plants. With Peter’s guidance and expertise I have started my own biodynamic garden and am experiencing what it feels like to harvest an abundance of vibrant healthy vegetables, herbs and flowers in quite a short period of time. Peter taught me how to create just the right environment the plants need to thrive with minerals and biodynamic preparations. He also showed me the exact design he felt would work best with the space we had and the garden has brought so much goodness to our family already. Peter has also shown me how to connect with the plants and nurture them and they in turn nurture us with their nutrition and beauty. You get the feeling for just how passionate Peter is when you are in his presence and I am forever grateful for this amazing journey.
Justin Stoka
Samford, Brisbane
Peter Kearney has been very patient and incredibly helpful in turning my very brown thumb into an almost green one over the last 3 years. I love how Peter has been so supportive and helpful along the way. It matches beautifully with his abundant knowledge on making organic, sustainable gardening achievable for even the most novice of gardeners.  
Kelly Townsend
When you can see and feel the strong congruency of the presenter with what is being taught then you know the workshop will be a very healing and knowledgeable experience. I was blown away with both the loving energy of both Peter and his wife and the ability to be totally present plus the willingness to share the depth of their knowledge. I highly recommend this workshop.
Arna Gaby
I absolutely loved this workshop! Peter is a wealth of knowledge and teaches with humour, enthusiasm and practicality. I highly recommend his workshop for those who are really willing to commit to the organic/biodynamic way of growing.
Kim Newing
Wow, I learnt so much on this 2 day workshop with Peter Kearney! He is a calm, light person who is deeply connected to our Earth. His teaching style is clear, concise theory content with plenty of hands on experience. There was plenty of time for all our questions for which Peter gave a deeply considered answer. I would love to learn more from Peter, as I felt a whole new world of learning about Biodynamic Gardening open up for me. Peter has shown me that I can bring gardening and spirituality together to deeply connect to myself, our garden and our Earth, for which I am truly grateful.
Janice McCormack
Such an experience, I loved every minute of the two day workshop.
Mitchell Dionysius
It was great to learn about the deeper aspects of growing food through the world of biodynamic gardening. Peter gave us a great balance of taking notes while listening as well as practical activities. Peter had some incredible knowledge to share which was backed by his amazing and delicious garden. I highly recommend anyone to try the course as you'll be guided by a great teacher, meet some new people with like minded interests and gain a greater insight to growing your own food.
Joel Weaver
I’ve dabbled in gardening over the years and not had much luck with our veggie patches. Now I understand why. Since learning about biodynamic gardening with Peter, I now understand there are more aspects to consider, cultivate and nurture to create a thriving garden. Everything we learnt of the 2 days workshop was useful, made sense and really resonated with me. Peter is a passionate and inspiring teacher and so helpful. I’ve walked away feeling empowered and ready to garden in a way that is sustainable and heart centred. Such a joy to learn about biodynamics.
Kimberley Hopkins
I have done a couple of courses with the team at My Food Garden and always walk away feeling good about my experience. You are always Welcomed with smiles and genuine down to earth hospitality. Peter is very knowledgeable and shares his passion with you to help get you on your garden journey. The courses are always very practical with time in the garden and with a good mix of theory, concepts and good conversation. I highly recommend these courses for people that have all levels of garden expertise.
Andrea Mc Dougall
The plans and instructional content you provide combined with your ongoing coaching has taught us so very much & though we still have much to learn we believe we’ve started off beautifully. I have no doubt that by the end of this year we’ll be so much closer to being self sustainable & much healthier for it and the work would have paid for itself multiple times“
Julie Grant
It is very exciting to be planning our food garden that is going to be a key feature of our home, both edible and aesthetically pleasing too!!. Peter Kearney of My Food Garden is helping us through is coaching service to give shape to our dream; listening to our hopes, guiding the project and sharing with us his knowledge of the resources needed.
Kerry Holland
Peter offered us some very helpful suggestions to look after our small acreage in the Wimmera in Victoria. His ideas about how to work with biodynamic preparations, look after our existing fruit trees, and further develop the existing garden have given us some fresh ideas and confidence in how to initiate some positive changes. He was also very helpful in making it seem manageable as we live in Melbourne and visit regularly. We really liked his suggestion to make a place where we can sit and reflect and connect with the land and all that is alive within it. Completing his questionnaire and then meeting with Peter via video chat was very clarifying about our aims and priorities. We highly recommend Peter’s 'My food garden' consultancy to help with planning your garden even if it’s in a semi-arid location far from south-east Queensland! We’re looking forward to implementing our plan slowly and with intention, and to seek further help from Peter as we need it. His expertise, warmth and friendliness are highly valued.
Tanya Coburn