Frequently Asked Questions

Why grow your own food?

In striving to become effective at growing some of your own food, you localise your food choices, leading to fresher and tastier food. You gain education, enhance your well being and create the opportunity to connect with your local community about food gardening. After perfecting your skills and gaining a level of self sufficiency, you may also swap and trade in the food you grow.

What is a food garden?

A food garden can include vegetables, herbs, edible and non edible flowers, fruit trees and fruiting bushes, as well as Australian bush foods. The food garden can be grown on a balcony, backyard, acreage garden, hobby farm and also include small animals. Generally the food garden is for those seeking a level of self sufficiency in food and at times would also be commercial,

Can I be self sufficient in food?

Self sufficiency in food is a worthy goal, but it is rarely achieved. Improving your food growing skills over time, whilst enhancing the health and vitality of your food garden or small farm are essential steps. Success is more in the striving for quality and consistency in what you grow which will lead to a level of self sufficiency in the foods you cultivate that are suitable for your climate. Our coaching and workshops get you closer to self sufficiency.

Why grow food with organic and biodynamic methods?

Organic food growing methods provide a platform for healthy soil and plants. Biodynamic methods are extremely efficient at enhancing organic processes and thus bringing a level of vitality to the plants where they become unpalatable to insects and animals whilst being perfect for human consumption. You then work with nature to nurture what is strong. Our coaching and workshops get you working with organic and biodynamic methods.

What are the key design criteria for a food garden?

A healthy and productive food garden starts with its design. Adequate sun levels, good drainage, minimal impact from nearby tree roots and good airflow are the basics. It must be designed to be easy to work in, fit your landscape and be beautiful. The food garden and its beauty have a profound affect on your well being. Our coaching and workshops advise you on design.

Why get education in food gardening?

There is a lot to learn in being successful at growing your own food with organic and biodynamic methods. Its easy to waste time and money in creating and managing your food garden and yet with the key steps in place from the beginning, your path to success is much more likely. My Food Garden provides education and coaching to guide you on food growing journey.

What is the location of our workshops and courses?

Workshops for individuals focused on organic and biodynamic food growing are often held at our food garden in Draper, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Sometimes we also run workshops in other Australian capital cites, as well as overseas. Workshops and presentations are also done for corporate groups and at government events.

Why a food garden coach?

Its often tricky to navigate the most appropriate starting point and staging for a food garden that contextualises your goals, your current skill levels, available space and budget. Once underway, developing the key rhythms for climate and plant management are vital. Our food garden coach, Peter Kearney brings lengthy experience of food gardening, garden builder, adviser, educator and coach. Coaching is provided face to face in Brisbane and via online video Australia wide.