Review and recommendations session
Review and recommendations session



  • We spend 2 hours together to understand your goals, property and any trouble shooting issues. This conversation will involve many questions and answers from both sides.
  • Advice will be provided at a high level around design, positioning, potential food volume, plant selection, soil management, staging and resources and pest/disease management.


  • With our face-to-face service at your property (Brisbane area only), we walk around the property and then sit down to work through a game with you taking notes.
  • For our virtual service, you will be asked to provide us with a high level map of your site plus a completed questionnaire. You then the walk around your property with a mobile device showing your property and we can talk as you walk.
  • The price is $250. For face-to-face clients, where they are more than 30 minutes from our base in Draper, Brisbane, a travel fee will be required for face-to-face visits.