Coaching Gift
Coaching Gift


Take some time and reason with it. Growing food has never been and neither will be rocket science. It’s an art and science of collaborating with nature. Now the process will be beautiful and messy, and full of challenges tied to learning opportunities. My Food Garden’s Coaching Gift is to address everything working to grow food at home.

An ideal gift for someone who values a level of self sufficiency in food and strives for the well being benefits of food gardening.Gift voucher to the value of $250 to be used to pay for our 2 hour Food Garden Review and Recommendations Session or contribute to our Yearly Food Gardening Coaching Package.

The Merits of Our Coaching Gift

  • The Receiver Will Be Ready For A Personalized Guidance
    The recipient will be more than happy to receive tailored advice based on their unique needs and gardening goals. Regardless of them being a beginner or an experienced gardener, perks are always the same.
  • Love For Expert Knowledge
    Our wealth of horticultural expertise is to deepen the insights of gardening lovers. Recipients will love to learn the plant varieties, gardening techniques and more.
  • Gardening Skill Development
    Once your recipient has received the Coaching Gift, it is time then to begin enhancing their gardening skills with hands-on demonstrations and techniques. In this way, they shall make a confident and capable gardener out of themselves.
  • Better Scope for Time Optimization
    It’s more flexible to learn efficient gardening techniques, tips for appropriate plant selections, as well as maintenance strategies in order to maximize time and resources.
  • Inspiration and Motivation to Become Better Gardeners
    It’s always good to keep oneself inspired and motivated with new and fresh ideas and innovative gardening approaches. Triggering passion and enthusiasm is the main duty of garden coaches.
  • Agreeable Long-Term Support
    With the garden evolving, the feeling equally starts swelling. However the ongoing support and follow-up sessions of our Coaching gift will ensure continued success and growth of the gardening journey.